رَبِّ ابْنِ لِى عِندَكَ بَيْتاً فِى الْجَنَّةِ
'My Lord! Build for me a home with You in Jannaah'
(At-Tahreem 66:11)

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Iblees's Deception of the women !

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Imaam Ibn Al-Jawziرحمه الله  said in his book ‘Talbees Iblees’:

As for the deceptions of Iblees upon the women then they are very many. I have written a separate book just for the women (Ahkaam Nisaa). I have mentioned in it what is related to them with regards to all the acts of worship and other than that. I will mention here just a few words of the deceptions of Iblees upon them.

From that is that the woman will finish her menstruation after the sun has risen, so she will take the ghusl after the time of Asr and she will pray the Asr prayer only, and the Dhur prayer was compulsory upon her to pray!

From them are those who will delay the ghusl for two days, making the excuse that she has to wash her clothes.

Maybe she will delay the ghusl from janaabah in the night to the rising of the sun. And when she enters the bathroom she will not cover herself and she says:

“Me and my sister, my mother and my slave girl are women just like me, so from who should I cover up from?”

And all of this is HARAAM!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Beautiful Advice

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Ibn al Jawzi رحمه الله تعالى said:  

"When your companion becomes angry and says something that is unwarranted, you should not take it too hard. His situation is that of a drunken person who is not aware of what is taking place. Instead, be patient, even if it means only for a little while. If you reciprocate his words with harsh words of your own, you become like the sane person who seeks revenge on a madman, or the conscious person who seeks retribution from an unconscious one. Look at him with a merciful eye and pity him for his actions."

(Sayd al-Khaatir pg. 406)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Those who used to stay awake at night have gone away...

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Imaam Ibn al Jawzi رحمه الله :

"How excellent are the people who have abandoned sweet dreams, withdrawing from that for which they erected their feet for. Standing up to fatigue, themselves in the dark, seeking a portion of the blessing. When the night comes they stand up, and when the day arrives they derive lessons from it. When they look at their faults they seek forgiveness, and when they think about their sins they cry and feel dejected. O’ dwelling of the Beloved, where are your inhabitants? O’ places of sincerity, where are your residents? O’ spot of the pious, where are your people? O’ places of nightly prayer, where are your visitors? I have, by Allaah, traveled around and found these people extinct. Those who used to stay awake at night have gone away and the lovers of sleep are left. These times have sought eating the lust to replace fasting."

From: Al-Yawaqit al-Jawziyyah pg. 28-29

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Envier Opposes Allaah’s Will

Say to the one who envies me,
‘Do you know who you are misbehaving against?’
You are misbehaving against Allaah in what He gave
because you are not pleased with what He gave me
So he recompensed me for what you did & that is by
increasing me (in my blessings)
& shutting the doors of earning (a livelihood) in your face.
(Read on pg 45, Ibn al-Jawzi, Disciplining The Soul)

"I saw from the affliction is that the believer makes dua ..."

Ibn al-Jawzee  رحمه الله said,

"I saw from the affliction is that the believer makes dua & receives no response (for it), so he repeats the dua & the period becomes long but still he sees no sign of the answer (for the dua), so it is necessary for him to know that this is from the affliction that requires (him) to have patience (as well)."

Sunday, November 9, 2014

“I never made du’a to Allaah for anything except that He gave it to me … except for ONE thing.”

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Imâm Ibnul Jawzi (رحمه الله) wrote a book about the virtues of Imâm Ahmad (رحمه الله) in which he details a beautiful story that teaches us the importance of regular adhkaar.
Imâm Ahmad was the most famous man in the Muslim world both before and after the fitanh during his lifetime. Imâm ad-Dhahabi even said that he had the largest Janazah that took place in that era. In just one day, 1.3 million people came to pray Janazah on him. SubhanAllaah! Just imagine how popular and beloved he was
رحمه الله. He would cover his face when travelling to seek knowledge so people wouldn’t notice him. Look at the humility.

One day, he was travelling to ash-Shaam and on the way, he stops by a Masjid to spend the night. The guard of the Masjid tells him, ”You need to get out, the Masjid is closing”. “I have nowhere to go,” said Imâm Ahmad. “Ukhruj.. get out,” said the guard. Now, he could have said, “O, by the way, I am Imâm Ahmad,” but he didn’t. Instead, he, رحمه الله took his belongings and went to sleep on the steps of the Masjid. The guard came outside and told him to get off the steps and go somewhere else. Imâm Ahmad didn’t know what to do.
This guard then picks up Imâm Ahmad by his legs and drags him to the middle of the street and drops him.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Al-Fursah: Opportunity


“From the wonders that I see from myself and all other people is inclination towards heedlessness of what is in our hands, despite us knowing how short life is and despite us knowing the fact that increase of reward over there (the Hereafter) is tied to the deeds performed over here.

So, O soul! O you whose life is so short! Take advantage of these days of mine, and wait for the Day when all shall flee, and beware of preoccupying
your heart with what it has not been created for.
Carry the burdens of your soul over the times of bitterness, and tame it if refuses. Do not let it roam freely for long because indeed you are only within a pasture.

Certainly, despicable is the person who lies between two rows and yet preoccupies himself with other than them.”

- Ibn al-Jawzi رحمه الله
(Sayd al-Khatir pg. 301)

Monday, December 10, 2012

As if you weren't meant to expire and be forgotten?"

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Al Imaam Ibn al Jawzi said:

"O you who persists on mistakes and wrong doings;
O you who has turned away from what the most Loving
and Compassionate commands;
O you who obeys the falsifier of the path and the creator of calamities .
How long are you going to insist on your misbehavior?
How long are you going to keep yourself distant from your Lord?
How long will you seek from this world what you cannot have,
and keep away from the other world by that which you cannot possess?
Neither are you sure of what Allaah prepared of sustenance for you,
nor are you satisfied with that which He has commanded for you.
O my brother, by Allaah! Admonition does not seem to benefit you!
Afflictions do not seem to threaten you!
Time does not leave you and the call of death does not reach your ears!
As if, you poor man, would live forever and

you weren't meant to expire and be forgotten?"

Source: al Bahr ad-Dumoo' -The sea of tears
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